Monday, December 14, 2015

Slowing Down and Simplifying

I have been feeling quite adrift lately - as if life was spinning out of control. And so I have purposely stepped back and slowed down to re-evaluate my life and re-prioritize. 

I've been putting way too much pressure on myself and have been in a constant state of overwhelm...which is never a good thing. 

One simply cannot be & do everything for everyone. You may be able to keep it up for a short time but in the end you will crash and burn. 

And so, I am using these last few weeks of December to scale back, slow down and minimize the stress. 

  • I will be minimizing digital media.
  • I will be limiting computer time.
  • I will write uninterrupted by online distractions and have a cut off time.
  • I will prepare wholesome, simple meals.
  • I will rest when tired.
  • I will spend more time with those I love.
  • I will spend time each day on home-caring tasks.
  • I will spend time each daily filling my cup.

Life is pretty simple - yet I often over-complicate things. I'm sure I'm not the only woman guilty of this!

I must constantly remind myself that I am not superwoman. You would think by now I'd have learned my lesson. I guess I'm stubborn like that. *smile* 

The thing is - I don't want to miss the good stuff: the deep conversations, family togetherness, the chance to make memories, or the beauty of ordinary days - because I was going at warp speed and my mind was racing a mile a minute.

Now that I've recognized why I have been feeling out of sorts I can take action to change it. Not by doing more, mind you. 

No, I am choosing the path less taken by choosing to slow down and simplify. 

Will you join me?

Tracy Lee xx

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  1. Dear Tracy, I hear you! I have a never-ending To Do list and typically have at least two or three other lists tucked in my wallet at all times (usually for groceries, Target, or wardrobe replacement items for myself or family). But at least they are written down and not floating around in my head, that's even more annoying!

    1. Very true! I am a list-maker as well. :)

  2. I will join you! I have to!!! :) I want to suggest a book that I just got and it talks about this and it has been so amazing. It is called PRESENT by Keri Mae Lamar. It is excellent.