Friday, December 4, 2015

Printable Menu Planner and Saving Money on Groceries

The easiest way to save money on your grocery budget is to plan your menu for the week. 

Check to see what you already have at home food-wise. Is there anything in the freezer or pantry that can be used for meals this week? If so, what ingredients are you lacking and in need of to create a meal?

Next, scan the store circular and begin to formulate a menu based around the sale items and/or to fill in the gaps.

Do you have any coupons for the sale items you plan to purchase? If so, great! Buying items on sale paired with coupons will net you the most savings!! Do be sure though to check the price against the generic version. 

Sometimes the generic version does come out cheaper even against an on sale item paired with a coupon. In that case, I would go with the generic as long as it wasn't a product we had previously deemed unsatisfactory compared to the name brand -- but those are rare. 

Another thing to consider, use up or freeze your leftovers. Do not let them go to waste. You are essentially throwing your money away. Challenge yourself to create new meals out of the leftovers. Use the veggies in soup. Shred leftover chicken or roast for sandwiches or stir fry. At the very least, throw your food scraps (not meat) into a compost pile. If you don't have one, start one!!

So, there's my tips for saving money on groceries. What do you do to save money in this area? 

Tracy Lee xx

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