Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Plans

The Christmas season has arrived. Are you ready?

We are nearly done with our Christmas shopping, though I still have all of the gift wrapping to do. I plan to wrap a few gifts each night. I don't want to be worried with it on Christmas Eve like in years past!

We have the Christmas turkey and ham purchased already. Over the next few weeks I'll buy the items needed for the rest of our Christmas dinner and will be stocking up on baking supplies while the holiday sales are going on.

We have my youngest sister's wedding to attend next weekend. As for Christmas activities, we have only two planned. We will go to a live Nativity and take a ride to see all the Christmas lights and decorations in our area. Both are free. 

Other than that, we will be enjoying cozy nights at home watching holiday movies while enjoying homemade treats and sipping hot chocolate. 

I think next year I'm going to not only buy gifts throughout the year, but also want to try making gifts. I've been so inspired by Annabelle's gorgeous handmade gifts at The Bluebirds Are Nesting!  

Tell me, how are your holiday preparations coming along?


  1. We are going on our cruise early January so no gifts between spouses. I have a few little gifts for the girls but we rarely do a lot. And it's unusual that we give gifts to others outside of the family. And now that the girls are older it's much harder to buy for them. But I guess simple is what it's about anyway, isn't it?

    1. Absolutely! We are buying only for our children this year.