Thursday, December 31, 2015

A New Year

Tomorrow begins a brand new year, ripe with possibilities. How will you be starting off your new year?

Me? I will be clearing out the old... 

I will be doing another round of decluttering to get rid of the physical items that are no longer in alignment with my ideal life.

I will be working on mindset shifts to blast through blocks that hold me back.

I will be writing. I have several books in progress that I just need to finish and release out into the world.

I will be mindful with our money as I strive to see our debt decrease and savings increase. 

I will become more organized and create more beauty in my daily round at home. 

I will laugh more, celebrate small victories, and create memories with my family.

I will be kinder to myself, practice regular self-care, and stop sweating the small stuff.

I will do more things I love just for the enjoyment of it - even if no one else wants to. I matter - and so do you!

Cheers to a New Year....a clean slate to start all over and make dreams a reality!

Tracy xx 

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