Wednesday, November 4, 2015

She's So Perfect: The Highlight Reel

Have you ever looked at another woman and thought to yourself that she has the perfect life. She's always dressed to kill, money galore, expensive vacations, etc?

You are green with envy because her life is full of adventure, fun, and romance while your life pales in comparison. Or so you think...

I don't care who you are. We are ALL dealing with shit. We all have our own personal struggles. When you see a woman who looks like she has it all, you are seeing the highlight reel. 

You don't see how critical she is of herself, the body-hatred, the indecision, the paralyzing fear, or the bouts of depression she deals with.

Maybe her marriage is on the rocks or someone she loves is dealing with a terminal illness. The scenarios are endless, but the point is no one's life is perfect and without pain or struggle of some kind.


You can't stay in that pit of despair. You have to be willing to face the fear that paralyzes you and take action or else you are going to look back on your life with a ton of regret over what could've been.

Been there. Done that. It's no cake walk. Instead do what Dame Elizabeth suggests: 

 Tomorrow we are going to discover how to get our mojo back!