Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Money Misconceptions

A reader recently commented:

I could care less how the rich think, feel, act etc. The most shallow and superficial people on earth are rich. Why emulate that?? I work with developmentally challenged individuals who despite having very little are some of the most genuinely happy people on the planet. I choose that kind of happiness. I choose to base worth on integrity, kindness and honesty rather than bank accounts, name brands and facades.

There is a huge misconception that the wealthy are greedy, superficial, and lack integrity. Of course, this is the image that the media portrays of the rich and famous. We do not often hear about their philanthropist endeavors, because let's face it - bad news sells.

Everyone wants to hear about the scandalous stories. It is gossip-worthy.

Sure, they are wealthy people who are the personification of evil and greed. But those people would be that way even if they were living paycheck to paycheck because money simply MAGNIFIES one's character. 

You can be rich and yet kind, humble and generous. Or you can be rich and greedy and a jerk. The choice is yours. 

Why is it considered a blessing to be poor and struggling? Why are people of wealth considered to be lacking in morals and integrity? 

The wealthy are just people - like you and I. Having money is not a sin, nor is the desire to have more. 

Think of all the good you can do and the people you can reach. The wealthy are able to make a much greater impact because of their ability to give more.

Money is energy....a means of exchange. It is not bad in and of itself. One should not be condemned because they have created wealth for themselves with a profitable business or multiple businesses. The fact that they have more does not keep you or I from having wealth. There is plenty to go around.

We all have opportunities to increase our wealth and do more good in the world. And again, if that's not your prerogative - more power to you!

But let's stop condemning others whose desires and choices are different from ours. How much better our world would be if we stop villainizing those we really know nothing about and, instead, encourage others to be their personal best - whatever that means for them

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  1. I agree, the more money you have, the more you can help those in need (in my case it's animal charities),