Monday, November 16, 2015

Create a Life You Don't Need a Vacation From

A while back I saw this AMAZING quote that said:

"Create a life you don't need to take a vacation from."

It instantly resonated with me. So many times we go through our days unconsciously, reacting to things as they come and we never seem to achieve anything. I've certainly been guilty of that.

Wouldn't it be better to actively pursue your heart's desires, to be present in the moment, consciously making decisions that will affect your future from a place of knowing and empowerment?

I believe so.

Why then do we not do it?

- Fear of what these changes may require of us.
- Fear of stepping outside of our comfort zone.
- Feeling that we need everything to be perfect before we can act.
- Feeling unworthy of living our dream life.
- Uncertain of what our dream life would look like.

In what ways do you feel stuck and how can you break through the resistance?
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