Tuesday, November 17, 2015

An Amazon Review

A review for my best-selling e-book on Amazon:

‘Ideas for Creating a Luxurious Home on a Budget’ is full of great information. I read it in one sitting and it gave me inspiration and motivation and yes, hope. There is no filler or fluff and every sentence is valuable. I finished reading with a renewed sense of love for my home and the motivation to make it as beautiful as it can be. I want to live a luxurious life without moving house or winning the lottery, and it is possible! The author really has a gift with how she words her ideas so simply. They are very practical and at the same time extremely inspirational. She gives you enticing ways of seeing things so that you can’t help but be motivated to tend to, and appreciate your home.

If you desire to have a home that is beautiful and luxurious, but do not have a large redecorating budget, this is the book for you! I share practical ideas for adding a luxurious feeling to an ordinary home - inside and out.

Ideas to Create a Luxurious Home - On a Budget is available on Amazon for $2.99

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