Monday, October 19, 2015

Create With the End In Mind

When you begin to design your dream life, you may not have any idea where to start. You may also feel overwhelmed. 

Create with the end in mind.

That means, if your were living your dream life right now what would be doing? How would you be feeling? What kind of experiences would you have? What kinds of food would you eat? How would you dress? Speak? 

Essentially, you are starting at the goal (your Dream Life) and working backwards to the present. What you do today affects your tomorrow.

~ Start thinking like a millionaire.
~ Act as if you are already living your dream life.
~ Make decisions like a boss.
~ Eat like you imagine the rich would.
~ Never leave the house without looking glamorous (because the paparazzi are everywhere!).
~ Treat self-care as a necessity, not an option - even if you have to create a spa day at home.
~ Keep you car spotless inside and out so you can drive in style. 

Don't let a lack of material possessions stop you from beginning to create your dream life. It doesn't cost a dime to change your thoughts, actions, or decision-making skills. 

What does your dream life look like? What can you do today to bring your dream life one step closer to reality?


  1. I could care less how the rich think, feel, act etc. The most shallow and superficial people on earth are rich. Why emulate that?? I work with developmentally challenged individuals who despite having very little are some of the most genuinely happy people on the planet. I choose that kind of happiness. I choose to base worth on integrity, kindness and honesty rather than bank accounts, name brands and facades.

  2. Theresa, absolutely! But you can have integrity, kindness and honesty and still be wealthy. Money just amplifies what you already are. There is nothing wrong with desiring more wealth. The more money you have, the greater good you can do in the world.